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Start with a Complete Inspection from Us

We have experienced inspectors that manage a standardized process for consistency and uniform appraisals. Allow us to complete a Hundred Point Inspection on your next purchase. We inspect everything from power train tests to oil samples, structural examinations, and much more. IronMart intends to provide a truly accurate picture of the machines we represent.

Perform Your Own Regular Inspections

Inspecting your used and high-hour equipment means you will get even more out of your machine. Taking the time to complete regular inspections of major functions and components takes only a few minutes, but can preserve the life of your machine. Here are some examples of inspection points to keep an eye on:

  • Visual damage and cracks to the frame, cab, steps or other body components
  • All fluid levels, checking for any leaks of engine oil, hydraulic fluid, radiator coolant, etc.
  • Linkages, pivot points, and other regularly moving components that may come loose
  • Internal components such as hoses, belts, and wiring that could cause equipment failure
  • All safety equipment including seat belts, lights, horns, or windows

Be sure to use the same equipment inspection checklist for all operators, technicians, and machines so that everyone is performing the same type of inspection, every time.

Contact us to get an inspection scheduled


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