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Track & Undercarriage Services

The investment you have put in to your heavy equipment relies on a strong undercarriage and the right tracks. Our Product Support Specialists have the tools and expertise to perform on-site undercarriage inspections and measurements to help predict undercarriage life. They can then provide specific maintenance recommendations to ensure the longest possible undercarriage life at the lowest cost per unit of work for you.

We offer the following track & undercarriage services:

  • Realignment and rebuilding of track frames
  • Re-grousering track shoes and rebuilding track links
  • Turning and replacement of pins and bushings
  • Undercarriage rebuilding services


Ensuring that all operators adopt proper usage habits guarantees a longer life for your machine. Since these machines work in rough terrain, it is impossible to avoid normal wear and tear entirely.

Here are a few tips to help minimize the impact of machine wear:

  • Keep undercarriage components clean and free of debris.
  • Limit the use of roller guards which can trap material against wearable parts.
  • Use center-punched shoes when working in wet sand, clay, or similar conditions.
  • Use the narrowest shoe possible that still provides sufficient flotation. Wider shoes produce increased wear on many components including bushings, sprockets, linkages, tracks, and rollers.
  • Keep your track properly adjusted. Track adjustment is something that can be done by your crew in the field, contact Blanchard if you need a technician to help you perform this important task.

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